Saturday, June 14, 2014


I am back after a very challenging year  struggling with a concussion and it's aftermath.  I seem to be coming out of the fog, well as much as I ever am anyway! I had a great deal of difficulty with my head position so having it down gave me terrible headaches.  After a wonderful physiotherapist got a hold of me I have been in her capable hands since November I am feeling so much better!HELLO 
I haven't done any new work as such but did explore screen printing workshops online (Susan Purney Mark) DVD's from Kerr Grabowski and Kathyanne White's website and tutorials have been wonderful stimulation! I could watch all three of these so very capable artists and teachers while standing up so nooooo headache then!  Whew!  Kept me sane, really. Well close anyway.

Well hear is a piece from my Bark Series that is just coming back from a 2 year travelling show of SAQA “BEST OF THE WEST” (12” square)

I am having trouble with my bloodspot site no doubt something I have or haven't done.  But I will post my new studio organization soon with the addition of my wet studio whose use has been  transformed from when I was trying out screen printing.  


orelando said...

Paulette, I love your Madrona series, in any medium. Wonderful palette and light in them. Congratulations!

Paulette Cornish said...

Thanks ! sorry I didn't see your comment until now! I have been slowly recovering from a whiplash injury that has really interrupted my whole art pursuit! I think I am on the mend finally.